CCA is an organization dedicated to providing comprehensive educational training that supports lifelong learning. CCA’s primary focus is the professional development of its students and the economic development of the people that reside in the Greater Cleveland area. CCA recognizes that the health of the community lies in the understanding that community must support each of its individual members, and the individual member must pledge to support the community. It’s CCA’s belief that this symbiotic relationship must be nurtured through educating the people and spreading that synergetic mindset of cooperative exchange throughout the community. We must understand that the community’s redemptive characteristic resides in the hearts and minds of its people. That’s why CCA’s motto is “We believe that community lives in us all!” Only through this type of collaborative efforts can we effectively yield from the seeds of our communities’ greatness. CCA will help you learn how to reap the benefits of each other.



Dionta' James BSW, LSW, MUPDD


Diontá James is the Chief Operations Officer of CCA. He is an Urban Planner, Licensed Social Worker & Entrepreneur with a tremendous desire for helping people grow into their best selves. Diontá believes that this is best accomplished through knowledge of self and team work. Diontá is truly vested in the understanding that “iron sharpens iron” and through collaboration everyone’s accomplishments can be recognized. Diontá is a native of Cleveland Ohio. He grew up in the “not-so-soft” neighborhoods throughout the city of Cleveland but holds a great deal of passion for his city. He attained his Bachelor’s degree in Social Worker from Cleveland State University and a Masters in Urban Planning and Development with a focus in Finance from Cleveland State University as well. His interests center on improving public systems and services, especially the interface between individual, entrepreneurial endeavors and building the community. Diontá wholeheartedly shares the vision and mission of CCA’s founders and believes that education is the key to advancing the well-being of the community.  Diontá has many years of governmental public service experience at the County, and local levels; where he helped direct Public Health initiatives focusing on protecting and promoting the health of all community members and providing a safety net for its most vulnerable. Diontá continues to push himself to serve those that wish to walk their best journey in life.





Tameka James MSN, CNP


Tameka James is the President and Co-Founder of Community Connections Academy. It was Tameka’s brainchild to start CCA because she wanted to have an impact on the community one person at a time. The mission of CCA is founded in the heart and soul of Tameka. She believes that education is the greatest gateway to success. Tameka has traveled the road upon which she wants to help others walk. Tameka's experiences provide her with great insight on the challenges and hurdles that her students will have face and overcome. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner that has an outstanding academic background that includes a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Ohio University and Masters of Science in Nursing from Ursuline College. Tameka’s roots are planted in the Cleveland area, she was born and raised in the Glenville neighborhood of Cleveland Ohio.  She believes in excellence in obtaining and delivering the highest level of achievement in education, practice, and scholarship.  Her focus is to build the community up by delivering quality leadership and sharing her vast experience within the community.   Tameka affirmed goals are achieved by providing professional knowledge and aligning faculty whose expertise complement the Company’s mission: to strengthen and empower our community through education.